13 Feb Commissioner under section 10 of the Punjab Land Revenue Act, (XVII of );. (c) “Assistant Director Land Records” means an. Punjab Land Revenue Act, , Power of Board of Revenue to make rules for demarcation of boundaries and APPEAL, REVENUE AND REVISION. Law Vision is one of the Projects Launched by the LAWVISION. This Site has in- fact opened the door for actual Comprehensive Laws and legal services on the.

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Punjab land revenue act 1967 for reconsideration of assessment. Computation of period limited under this Chapter. Records-of-rights and Periodical Records. Security for payment of land revenue. Restriction on appointment of Lambardars. Rules to regulate collection, remission and suspension of land-revenue. Suit for declaratory decrees by persons aggrieved by an entry in a record.

Record-of-rights revenie documents included therein. Assistance to be given by holders and others in the measurement or classification of lands. Computation of period limited under this Chapter. Restriction on Revenue Officers bidding at auctions or engaging in trade.

Restrictions and limitations on partition. Provided that the exemptions under sections and of the Code of Civil Procedure, Act V ofshall be applicable to requisitions for attendance under this section.

Appeals from orders under sections 62and Punjab Land Revenue Act, Report of sale to [88] [Commissioner]. Recenue of fixing boundary between riverain estates. Explanation punjab land revenue act 1967 An edition lan the record-of-rights made before the coming into force of this Act, under the provisions of section 33 of the Punjab Land Revenue Act,or under the provisions of any other law repealed by this Act, shall be deemed to be a periodical record for the purposes of this section.

S ee Section Assessment to remain in force till new assessment takes effect.

Act III of Mode of determining assessment. Exemption of land revenue. Mode of determining assessment. Claims to attach movable or immovable property how to be disposed of.

Powers to make punjab land revenue act 1967 respecting records and other matters connected therewith. Report of destruction or removal of or injury to punjab land revenue act 1967 or survey marks. Acg of that part of periodical record which relates to other persons. Application for amendment of the distribution punjba an assessment. Power of Revenue Officers to enter upon any lands or premises for purpose of measurements, etc. Process for appearance before arbitrators.

Rights transferred to be liable to all the incidents of tenure of the estate to which the transfer is made. Power to refer to arbitration. Act I of Provided that land-revenue shall not be punjab land revenue act 1967 in the form of sliding scales varying annually rvenue to the market price of any agricultural produce prevailing during a specified period of the year.

Exclusion of jurisdiction of Civil Courts, in matters within the jurisdiction of Revenue Officers.

Procedure of Revenue Officers. Certified account to be evidence as to arrear. Substitution of arbitrators by parties.

Competitive Examinations Helping Community

Remedies open to person denying his liability for an arrear. Award of arbitrators and presentation thereof. Nomination and substitutation of arbitrators by Revenue Officer. Bar on legal proceedings against Revenue Officers.

The Punjab Land Revenue Act,

Language of Revenue Offices. Report of sale to Commissioner. Recovery of cost incurred by Government.