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I finally decided to treat myself and picked mazdaspeed 3 daily Mazda6 up in We basically TRY to break our test parts before we let them hit the market, which is good for me because I love to go fast.

Brett, who has been dailying the CBR, somehow only is getting 23mpg. All of the combined great reviews have gotten me wanting one even though everyone I know drives one If that helps. I hear the Mazdaspeed 3s are awesome cars, I just don't want to drop that kind of cash right now. Yeah the first generation is the better choice looks wise for mazdaspeed 3 daily. Why did they ruin the look of the car with that front end goofy grin? As long as you haven't warped it mazdaspeed 3 daily should only need to take a few thousandths off for the sake of good mating surfaces. This is well within height specs and shouldn't be an issue. I don't care what these idiots say about picking up possibly 10hp, its not worth the vibration hell you will incur especially for a DD.

I think your talking about me OP - Definetly get shifter bushings and hack half the shifter weight off, makes shifting much smoother. A an sri will really open the car up and is relatively cheap. For a DD Hum I say fully bolted ftmfw tune at 14psi and big turbo. Last edited by Brentvino; at AM. Received 5 Likes on 3 Posts. Yep for an even better bargain just buy a Mazda3 wagon.


I've driven the Mazdaspeed 3 daily and they are great cars. I would have no problem having a Mazda3 for commuter daily driver, especially the wagon with it's ability to haul more crapola. You really cant beat the "bang for the buck" with that mazdaspeed 3 daily. I would also look into a subaru wrx. They are 2.

AWD, so it's a great handling car. I have one and i average about 27mpg mixed driving.

I would like to get to the ish whp level. Anyone else out there ms3 and DD it everyday?


Adjustable headrests add to the comfort levels. Given the choice I would go WRX. M3 mazdaspeed 3 daily always the answer. For a daily driver FWD is liveable I would love to have one as a DD, but I would probably get a lot of tickets.

I would still like an RX8. Just hoping to address some things that frustrate me. First thing is going to be the leaking oil cooler hose.

MAZDASPEED 3 - For Daily Driving

Kinda makes me think of a progression of the VR I used to DD mazdaspeed 3 daily speed 3 before I got a beater but mazdaspeed 3 daily is my mod list so far. Originally Posted by redheadedstpch1d. Originally Posted by esr I did that and other stuff too. If I was more liMited for Funds and no credit card I'd do that.

Fun Daily Driver: A Mazdaspeed story

That first engine? Rotary power went mainstream with the arrival of the Mazda RX-2, a mazdaspeed 3 daily car available in mazdaspeed 3 daily and sedan body styles. Though the rotary offered the promise of greater performance and lower maintenance costs, but fuel economy, as was characteristic of rotary engines, was terrible. Notably, Mazda also paired an available automatic transmission with the RX-2 rotary engine, marking a first. Or you could spend a hell of a lot more on a German luxury car for similar equipment. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode.I would love to have one as a DD, but I would probably get a lot of tickets.

My Fun Hatchback Turned Out To Be Boring! What Car Should I Buy?

I would still like an RX8. I do not drive enough for the mileage to make. I currently am commuting with my 4x4 Toyota Tundra.(mpg) I try to drive my GSXR when I can to save $$ I really mazdaspeed 3 daily the MS3, it's much.

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