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ICH9 AHCI Sata2 problem with Asus P5KC

I wish I asus p5kc ahci say which ones are supported, because the list I have consulted would say that AHCI is supported and some that I tried to help were not able to implement. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Regards Fernando. Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag There is no difference at all regarding the function, stability and performance of the driver, because the driver itself has not been touched by me. Asus p5kc ahci is Atto's SSD benchmark results for it.

What sort of read and write speeds would you be getting on a asus p5kc ahci rpm drive like the one I upgraded from? So these speeds arent too bad then?


Ensure this is for your board cause it's reported working. Also trying resseting cmos asus p5kc ahci rebooting before activating ahci. After rerunning trimcheck I get this: Any Ideas why? Zitat von matlear im Beitrag Hi Fernando, yesterday I installed your drivers and flashed my modded bios. Feb 26, 1, 0 20, And install the SSD to them.

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asus p5kc ahci It'd get way to complicated. Please refer specification pages for full details. Please refer to the specification page The product electricalelectronic equipment, Mercury-containing button cell battery should not be placed in municipal waste.


I promiss I'll come back for a good feedback if you give me that password. I understand if you don't want to do it here, so you can contact me at yahoo ID: clutch16b or email clutch16b yahoo. Will do. It worked a dream for me and not complicated to install, I wish all fixes asus p5kc ahci as easy as this. Thank you for your help Fernando : Here is the procedure I've followed : - connect the ssd to the second Intel Sata port first is for my DVD-Rom - start the PC and enable ahci in bios - start windows 7 64bits installation - at the first boot after complete installation, I've launched the intel installation drivers from asus maybe this step is not necessary - after reboot, I've updated the intel ahci drivers with yours As it's my first install with ssd, next step is to check if everything is ok specially the trim function.

The only strange thing is at the boot just after the JMicron display message and before the black screen with the windows logoI've a cursor on the top left corner of the screen the screen is black with this cursor I don't know what the pc is doing. No complaints. The HDD is bar none the hugest bottleneck in most systems. I have to say, things are 10x less frustrating since I bought it. Flashed bios using Asus ez flash 2 and an usb with the.

Dec 3, at AM 4. Dec 3, at AM 5. Thanks for the quick reply's.

Enabling AHCI on Asus P5K? Overclockers UK Forums

Remember me. Thread Rating: 3 Vote s - 3.

It allows to transfer digital audio without converting to analog format and keeps the best signal quality. Modal header.

How to crossflash P5KC to P5KR BIOS and enable AHCI on the road to your ass

Regards Dieter alias Fernando. Thank you for your quick response!


Normally, if I follow the tuto, step 10 and 11, the hard drive is connected to the JMicron and when windows comes up, it asks for drivers. Is this true?

How to crossflash P5KC to P5KR BIOS and enable AHCI

Asus p5kc ahci Junior Member. Notebook screen shots in that picture the middle one there's a unsafe shutdown count its at 1 and it stays at 1 and the power cycle count is 15 normal activity with the Notebook and in that picture there is no USB icon at all times.Hi every one!

Can anybody unlock ahci on p5kc bios slic?? Very need it. Asus p5kc bios slic w/o Asus p5kc ahci. Hi Greetings from Ireland. Firstly let me advise you I am a first time self builder.

I recently purchased Asus P5KC, but now I find I cannot run the.

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