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For a more elaborate discussion of al-Tabari's hermeneutical principles, see Gilliot a. Another difference between alTabari's work and that of his predecessor is that al-Tabari does not discuss the history of the Israelites as a separate entity; it is interrupted several times by episodes from Persian history creative ds1930 modem to be contemporaneous. Al-Mas'Odi refers more than once to his native Baghdad; cf. Shboul I. Fihrist, PellatKhalidi It is this same source, p. About Ibn Mas'Od, see El, s. Wensinck ; EP, s. Ibn Mas'Od possessed a copy of the Koran which differed considerably from the official recension propagated by Caliph 'Umar, and which was much esteemed among Shi'ites. Miqueladds that of Ibn Mas'Od, "le moins qu 'on puisse dire creative ds1930 modem qu 'ii est une des premieres figures de la resistance a l'orthodoxie et de l'hostilite a la Camille des 'Utmanides AI-Mas'Odi's own Shi'ite sympathies thus seem to have been prefigured by his ancestor.

On al-Ash'ari and his teachings, see EI2, s. Ash'ariyya W. Interestingly, Loth calls al-Ash'ari a Jewish convert.


Shboul Apart from the major centres of his native Iraq, he visited Armenia, most of the Persian provinces, the regions of the Caspian Sea, Arabia, Syria, the north-western part of Creative ds1930 modem, East Africa, and Egypt. His exact itinerary cannot be traced from his works, but it can creative ds1930 modem ascertained that he went to Syria more than once, and also revisited Egypt, which he chose as his final domicile.

Thus he visited fire-temples in Iran and discussed Zoroastrianism with mobeds and herbads; he consulted Christian priests and laymen in Takrit and Antioch, and met Sabians in I:Iarran. Al-Mas'iidi may also have talked to members of the Samaritan community during his sojourn in Nablus. We shall return to his contacts with orthodox and creative ds1930 modem Jews in Chapter Three. Modern scholars writing about al-Mas'iidi have often wondered about his source of income and the way he paid creative ds1930 modem his fares, as well as the motives for his many travels.

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Not that it was uncommon for Muslims to travel widely in pursuit of knowledge, but as we have seen in the case of al-Tabari, it was usually prophetic traditions that people went in search of. Creative ds1930 modem was not primarily interested in this material. Miquel suggests that he may have been an Isma'ili dii'i, going abroad on propaganda missions. Nor does it seem likely that he was a merchant, though his works do betray an interest in commercial matters.


Shboul suggests that he may have been a partner in a commercial enterprise and thus managed to combine his travel for the sake of knowledge with some profitable commercial activity. Ahmad ; Creative ds1930 modemChapter I. Shboul For a critique of Miguel's theory, see Khalidi n.

The rest of the article, where Creative ds1930 modem analyzes a tract whose ascription to al-Mas'iidi is doubtful, fails to convince. Shboul f. The works can roughly be divided into four categories: religion including several works discussing, among other faiths, Judaism ; philosophy and science; history; and general knowledge.

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All the books in this series seem to have had a common plan and the same range of topics, but in each one of them the emphasis was on a different subject. The first book in the series, Akhbiir al-zamiin, is said to have comprised as many as thirty volumes, while the last one, Al-tanbih wa' l-ishriif, is a slim book by comparison. The authenticity of this work is disputed; cf. Kohlberg Rubin, however, seems to regard it as genuine. However, any classification of al-Mas'iidi's writings is to some extent arbitrary, for not only creative ds1930 modem the exact contents of most works unknown, but many works would seem to fit into more than one category. For attempts at reconstructing the contents of the lost books see 'Ali lff. Sarton, in referring to al-Mas'iidi, spoke of "the Muslim Pliny", while E. Renan compared him to Pausanias.

Shboul xviii. The edition used here is Pellat's five-volume one. I have also consulted Pellat's French translation and the English translation by Aloys Sprenger, of creative ds1930 modem only one volume appeared as early as One volume of a new English translation by Lunde and Stone has been published to date.

Miquel n. The remaining three volumes are devoted to Islamic history.

Although al-Mas'iidi gives a systematic list of contents at the beginning of the work, his style is very discursive and he allows himself many digressions.I do not provide technical support. Opening creative ds1930 modem case instead, will only delay an answer and complicate a resolution. I do record serial numbers. Results 1 - 19 of 19 - Get the best deal for Creative Modem Creative ds1930 modem with PCI Slot from the largest CREATIVE DS DI DI DI DATA FAX MODEM.

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