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The haemor- rhage of frustrated ministers has left Mr Meciar isolated at the head of a minority govern- ment and searching for an alli- ance with the small Slovak National party. Loath, to reduce the bureaucracy, and commuted to expensive pres- tige projects like new theatres and motorola krzr l7m restoration, of cultural monuments, the government is being forced to cut pensions and social spending to try to keep the budget within IMF- agreed limits. However, it confirmed its grad- ual approach towards reducing borrowing costs.

The central bank cut over- night lending rates to motorola krzr l7m. The French stock market, buoyed by the expectation of rate cuts, continued its rally yesterday.

Motorola KRZR K1 - Full phone specifications

But Motorola krzr l7m Edouard Balladur, prime minister, motorola krzr l7m staked his credibility on maiwfeiiwing a strong frame and is reluctant to risk a rapid depreciation of the currency by aggressive interest rate cuts. The central bank also needs a period of high interest rates to rebuild its reserves. He also expressed scepticism an plans for economic union with Ukraine and Belarus. Germany Advertising Led, London. Number One Southwark Bridge.

Chairman; D. Editor: Richard Lambert. JfL Platon promised to introduce a crime bill into Con- S7k i ezt month offering g. It win happen again," Mr Larson said.

Mr Larson waned that, many of the earthwork levees built along the river were only designed. TOie Brady bill, named motorola krzr l7m a former White House press sec- rct ary who was shot during an assassination attempt on Presi- dent Ronald Reagan, is now widely supported by police chiefs, although few of them believe it would do much to stem the availability erf illegal weapons to criminals. Mr Clinton ordered immedi- ate executive action to ban the import of assault-style hand- guns, and to tighten controls on the issue of licences for gun dealers. Current rules allow The proposed crime package also contains measures to extend the death pe nal ty, mostly applied at the state level, to a number of federal crimes, and to limit prisoners sentenced to death by a state court to a single habeas corpus appeal to the federal courts.

Although capital punishment was reauthorised by the opinion, IS times as many pris- oners are sentenced to death each year as are in fact exe- cuted. The Supreme Court has become less and less receptive to appeals from death row pris- oners, but some state law enforcement officials still com- plain that the appeals process can drag on for years. Many of the measures pro- posed by Mr Clinton yesterday were contained In crime legis- lation passed in and by both chambers of Congress, bat eventually blocked by Sen- ate Republicans who wanted much tougher curbs on habeas corpus rights. Carl Palesch of St Charles, Missouri, looks into seoond-storey windows of his flooded home yesterday, as the floods recede. They were under water last time he checked A FTER 17 years of military rule and more than three years of transi- tion to democracy, a certain Famil- iarity has returned to Chilean politics.


The old family uames that dominated public life for much of the century have resur- I Faced, as the son of one former president and the grandson of another prepare to do battle in December's presidential election. Motorola krzr l7m months before Chileans are due to 1 go to the polls, the result is almost a foregone conclusion.

Barring extraordi- nary mishap, Mr Eduardo Frei, son of the much-acclaimed president ofwUl gain the presidency as head of the ruling Conccrtaciou coalition of centre-left par- ties. For months, opinion polls have shown year-old Mr Frei more than motorola krzr l7m percent- age points ahead of his nearest rival.


However, the gap is now likely to close, following the selection on Sunday of Mr Arturo Alessandri, grandson, of one presi- dent and nephew of another, as the com- promise candidate motorola krzr l7m the rightwing elec- toral pact, the Union for Chilean Progress. The nomination of Mr Alessandri. The two main opposition parties.Motorola Krzr known as the "Canary" before its release, is motorola krzr l7m series of clamshell/ flip mobile phones by Motorola, and is one of the series in the 4LTR line.


The first. Motorola KRZR K1 phone. Announced Jul Features ″ display, 2 MP primary camera, mAh battery, 20 MB storage.

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