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VIA Aureon Universe (sound cards) drivers for Windows

I'll email Terratec aureon universe 7.1 see if they feel like sharing what hardware is controlling the remote. But at this point it looks like no joy. Nice program, though. I'll have to take a aureon universe 7.1 look at it. I tried this in my machine again recently. Results: One, its control panel crapplet refused to let me select between optical and coax input for digital - further investigation showed that it was ignoring the digital input completely, as if it didn't exist. Two, the card completely failed the sound tests in dxdiag.

Bionic's review - Terratec Aureon Universe - Audiofanzine

No sound at all from the very first test. Three, after that, Winamp couldn't play anything using the WaveOut interface.


aureon universe 7.1 The Aureon 7. Even without an active FireWire connection, the high-quality converters live up to their reputation. This means that you can use the remote control to switch between sources, and thus output digital signals as analog signals and vice versa. Page Sound Rescue Terratec Edition 2. It lets you remove or significantly reduce unwanted noise while maintaining the authentic sound and quality of the original recording.

Page 45 CD. Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition 2.

The manual is simple, complete, the limit could be almost same without it. Excuse me, but it's not for lack of aureon universe 7.1 misconfigured I spent a few hours! A direct connection from the tape deck or record player is also possible — and classic audio treasures are converted to superb digital sound using the supplied power package consisting of phono amplifier with hardware RIAA equalization and professional software for converting old recordings! Thanking you all in advance. Make sure you have installed the latest driver for your sound card. We recommend to use a separate USB 2. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver.

Terratec Aureon 7.1 Universe impressions (long)

We deliver with. There will be no support for any functionality of your system connected aureon universe 7.1 our beta software. Terratec Aureon 7. Sidebar Sidebar. In any aureon universe 7.1, it only occurred two or three times and has not reappeared recently. Still an issue is that the control panel software, if one chooses to keep it in the icon tray, will always be maximized on system start.

Further, while listening to headphones through the Universe's jack I realized that what the driver thinks is the left channel is actually the right, and vice versa. Everything seems to be fine on external speakers. This made me also note that there is no reverse channel function that Aureon universe 7.1 could find. Then, inexplicably, it corrected itself. And it went bad again when I reset the speaker mode i.


Until this is fixed or I hear of a workaround, I'm afraid I won't be using headphones aureon universe 7.1 serious gaming or movie watching. There is also no software equalizer by design, which I consider to be somewhat unfortunate. Log in or Sign up.

Terratec Aureon 7. Sep 5, 1. This problem is solved in the latest version which you can download when you register here. My wav file recorded with enabled RIAA filter is only mono. This problem only occurs on some Pentium 4 systems with Hyper Threading enabled. Please register here to receive the aureon universe 7.1 version. Musikhaus Korn Interactive.MIDI, SPDIF input, Aureon universe 7.1 output, audio line-in, audio line-out, headphones, microphone. A3DDirectSound3D, EAXEAXI3DL2, Sensaura EnvironmentFX, Sensaura MacroFX, Sensaura MultiDrive, Sensaura ZoomFX, Sensaura3D. Drivers & Utilities, InterVideo WinDVD, Sound Rescue. Download the latest drivers for your Aureon Universe to keep your Computer up-to-date.


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