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Programming Tips: MSSQL Database Configuration using ODBC in CodeIgniter

This kind of broke my little php script I had written, but I was eventual codeigniter odbc to work something together. Learn more about Codeigniter odbc. Active record is querying it with this sql. As soon as I changed the dns to "odbc:database" it worked.

C Programming Course. Programming Languages Courses. Yeay… quite happy that finally I got the settings codeigniter odbc.

Terms of Service Privacy Policy. To specify additional DB connections, you need to change the first array codeigniter odbc like this.


The only problem is if i used either of the two version my CI application crash. Fixed a pagination bug that was permitting negative values in the URL. Fixed an oversight in which the Loader class was codeigniter odbc allowed to be extended. Deprecated "init" folder. Codeigniter odbc happens automatically now. Please see documentation. See the Controllers page for more info. More info in the Controllers page. Updated plugins, helpers, and language classes to allow your application folder to contain its own plugins, helpers, and language folders. Previously they were always treated as global for your entire installation.

If your application folder contains any of these resources they will be used instead the global codeigniter odbc. Added Inflector helper. Added element function in the array helper. Added RAND to active record orderby function. Added Oracle database driver still codeigniter odbc testing so it might have some bugs. Added the ability to combine pseudo-variables and php variables in the template parser class.

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Added output codeigniter odbc option to the config file. Fixed a MySQLi bug that was causing error messages not to contain proper error data.

Fixed a bug in the email class which was causing it to ignore explicitly set alternative headers. Codeigniter odbc an oversight in the cookie helper in which the config codeigniter odbc cookie settings were not being honored. Fixed an oversight in the upload class. An item mentioned in the 1. Added some code to allow email attachments to be reset when sending batches of email.


It will continue to work for legacy users, but it is recommended that you create codeigniter odbc own libraries or models instead. It was originally added before CI had user libraries or models, but it's not needed anymore.

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Added the ability codeigniter odbc organize controller files into sub-folders. Kudos to Marco for suggesting this and the next two feature. Added regular expressions support for routing rules. Added the ability to remap function calls within your controllers. Added the ability to replace core system classes with your own classes. Added the ability to supply full URLs using the anchor helper function.

Added support for changing the codeigniter odbc number in the Postgres driver. Moved the list of "allowed URI characters" out of the Router class and into the config file. Updated the Config Library to be able to load config files silently, and to be able to assign config files to their own index to avoid collisions if you use multiple config files.Some database drivers (such as PDO, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Codeigniter odbc might require a full DSN string to be provided. If that is the case, you should use the 'dsn'. If you use "Mysql" then follow the following instructions. Please put database username and database password in the following: $active_group.

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