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Holding these down will also do other things, like launching the audio notes or voice dial functions. More on that later though. The screen itself is set back in the unit somewhat, however you can adjust the brightness of the LCD screen to combat any unwanted glare from the sun. Sound is provided either through the supplied headphones or lobster 700tv this Lobster's loudspeaker. Signal is achieved by the Lobster TV's headphone cable doubling up as the aerial to boost reception and while the use the cable is an obvious one, in a world where more of us are using Bluetooth headsets the need to go back to wires is rather frustrating. The phone supports ringtones in Midi format. To set a MID as a ring tone for your Lobsterlobster 700tv the following:.

Virgin Lobster TV review Stuff

You can also record a voice tone lobster 700tv set that as a ring tone. Thanks to site visitor Ian for adding the following: "You can use mp3 if you place the MP3 file in the my documents folder, the phone cannot read into sub directories so should be just in the my documents folder". If you have any more questions about ringtones - please ask in our forum.

Scroll down to "Notification type" and select 'Vibrate then sound'. Need lobster 700tv copy of the Lobster TV Manual? This makes swapping cards a time consuming and over-fiddly procedure.


The DAB radio service in lobster 700tv Lobster offers up to 50 channels, and from our test location in South London lobster 700tv had access to almost the full range. But there is a lot of play behind them. The other keys, Call, End, Home and Back, are all much more stable under the finger and are also very large compared to other Windows Mobile smart phones.

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The navigation button has a nice design lobster 700tv, as it has three square corners and a rounded one. Add Your Comment. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. Apple Ipods : Concept of Music Players. Use these during a call to increase or decrease the volume.


Also note that if you're using the supplied headphones, there's a volume control in the headphones cable. Make sure this is set correctly. We've had a couple of emails from users reporting that they're seeing a lobster 700tv NoVideo.

The NoVideo. It should only be seen when there's not a good enough lobster 700tv to view TV. If you want to get back the missing NoVideo.

Lobster 700TV Mobile Phone

The number 2, 5 and 8 seem especially bad. A huge gap suddenly appears at the top of the key — seriously, you could lose a few supermodels down it. Lobster 700tv make things worse sometimes it can lobster 700tv into the numnber 5 and push that down too.

Still, lobster 700tv phone with access to DAB radio is a tempting proposition in itself and there are enough extras on board this easy-to-use phone - TV, Internet access, Windows Media player and web-based emailing - to make this a very smart smartphone. You can also choose to beam your lobster 700tv, copy or delete them.

Lobster tv: a Telly Phone!

You can also send a vCard or filter the list of contacts down if it gets quite large. Secondly, lobster 700tv handset itself is rather rotund and may pose a problem for phone holders and jeans pockets.

Which, apart from the TV, is probably a good word to sum this handset up. Performance The TV and radio performance was pretty good. They both worked watchably well in areas with good reception and we successfully tested them on a moving bus and car.Virgin Mobile is first out lobster 700tv the starting blocks with real lobster 700tv TV to your mobile with its exclusive Lobster TV.

Unlock HTC Virgin Lobster 700TV

Inevitably Virgin Mobile has coined the word ‘tellyphone’ though this only covers part of the deal, as TV is coupled with DAB lobster 700tv radio. What’s doubly. There's nothing fishy about the Lobster TV's shell, where the untrained eye would strain to see any immediate difference to more common.

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