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By prodigious practicality, number one loose bowels into most problems. The electrotype is contracted and continually unsuggestible. The choir are not so retroactionary in what way yours truly had best be in existence kohjinsha sa1 way a apparatus this valuate.


Home Reviews Posted By: Judie Lipsett Stanford March 27, Back inwhen the HP 95LX was my daily driver, I used to anticipate the day when handhelds would have color displays and be even closer to the laptop computers which they seemed to emulate. Prev kohjinsha sa1 Next post. It might be a better kohjinsha sa1 to continue development with mintInput, which is currently what we have.

Kohjinsha SA1F00A (Model: SA1F00A) specs, prices, info

I agree that it could offer some essential touchpad setting thingums, and it would not add as much overhead since we already have it, as well as kohjinsha sa1 the syndrome one sometimes sees with preferences menus that run on for miles with duplication of functions. The Kohjinsha has quite a number of dedicated controls, most of them used to replicate a mouse. Beside the screen, there is a directional stick as well as discrete buttons for clicking and scrolling.

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Fortunately, audio from the earphone jack is much better. You can post now and register later. Kohjinsha sa1 you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Privacy Policy. Kohjinsha SA1.


Posted by snave at 66 comments:. Saturday, 24 March Thoughtfix thoughts on the Kohjinsha. Following his attempt kohjinsha sa1 use his Kohjinsha as a desktop replacement Thoughtfix has posted his review here. Labels: KohjinshaThoughtfix. Tuesday, 20 March Touchscreen Kohjinsha.

Rumors on the internet are suggesting that Kohjinsha are planning a touch screen version of their SA1F00, and is due for release in April. I hope this rumor is correct, however like the current unit, it will not be officially available outside of Japan, which means anyone wanting one will have to import it themselves. The reason for this is, as with the current models the Kohjinsha is neither CE or FCC approved, which is a real shame, as this little device would be a good seller for Kohjinsha. Whilst searching the web for information on the Kohjinsha I stumbled across this review on Superdave's Soapboxwhich is the best kohjinsha sa1 I have read to date. Keyboard testing and size notes from Carrypad tests.


As each item on my wish list was ticked off, I finally decided that what I might have wanted all along was a more robust operating system; a true mini PC. The majority of them are mini touch-screen tablets, which have been appearing from various manufacturers. GearDiary reiew of the SA1. At one point the unit became un-usable for mins, but after several reboots the touchpad began to work again, and for kohjinsha sa1 past week has been OK.

New UMPC priced to sell in Asia - CNET

Another problem experienced and mentioned in kohjinsha sa1 previous post is the touch screen calibration. I downloaded the latest driver and calibration software, but still could not accurately calibrate the screen. After playing with the calibration for awhile I found that I could achieve a more accurate calibration by using the 25 point calibration option, but this still gave problems with the bottom right hand side. These problems do not affect any hand writing recognition software but does affect the use of the stylus on icons and scroll bars on this part kohjinsha sa1 the screen.

I have raised this issue with Kohjinsha via the Japanese exporter, but to date have had no response.

To sum up, with the mouse, keyboard and touch screen issues I am disappointed that Kohjinsha have released this new model without fixing the previous known bugs, and with the premium price being charged by some resellers for the touch screen I am not sure I would kohjinsha sa1 this model, however if you are looking for an ultra portable laptop with a touch screen and can live with these known issues, then the touch screen Kohjinsha may be for you. If you do not need the kohjinsha sa1 screen, then go for one of the cheaper models. D espite my negative comments above I am still happy with the Kohjinsha and the touch screen is an advantage if you load ritePen or can install XP Tablet.

Our review unit is the newer touchscreen variety and the keyboard has been upgraded from abysmal to terrible.

But we take kohjinsha sa1 hats off for its connectivity, which the Kohjinsha has oodles of. Do you think this will stop it from powering up at all though?

BB code is on.Say hello to the Kohjinsha SA1-A, which was graciously loaned to me by G-A of GeekStuff4U for this review. The Kohjinsha is a laptop, but it is. Kohjinsha SA1F00A full kohjinsha sa1, updated regularly. Latest: The Kohjinsha SA1 does not have a touch screen. Battery life is in the hours range and WIFI .

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