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Date: Sep 13, Version: 1. The following SPAR are fixed in 1. On some systems, multiple instances of composite patch C6H7 can become installed.

When printing an image from Photoshop, it prints shifted down and right on the page. Using CWS, you cannot program a job as booklets and no covers which can result in undesired blank pages when you do not want a cover.

NOTE: To program a job for booklet imposition and no cover, you program the job to print on both sides for front covers and print on any side for back cover. When you import scan template backup files multiple times, eventually the imports will start to fail.

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For some file formats, SMB scan output does not match the format set in the scan template. You cannot program a stapled booklet with more than 20 sheets if you have the Booklet Maker Finisher option it should allow up to 25 sheets. They were quite receptive and I've provided them some feedback to make things a bit more enterprise friendly. But in our case there are only efi fiery x3ety2 65-55c-km ps 2.0 versions and they both have the same version.

So even that isn't consistent across all Fiery drivers. May not effect you, but figured I'd mention it in case someone else tries to follow that technique.

Dealing with EFI Fiery Drivers for OS X El Capitan

As you may imagine, not everyone has the same skill set and not every environment is the same. So in situations where the end user has to install on their own, that GUI comes in handy. Or in places where techs are manually installing things.

This is what it was like for me in Higher Ed so I can empathize with the request. Unfortunately, it complicate things for admins who like to deploy things silently and in the background. Fortunately, it's possible to break apart their installer.

Hopefully the feedback I gave them will allow them to improve upon this process so they can appease the various environments they support. My mistake Horse, I thought 2. The following link will get you to the download files if you have a login account with mykonicaminolta I posted this without checking.

Xerox Color 550/560/570 Printer with integrated Fiery Color Server Support & Drivers

The last time I checked I was using the wrong look up. I can provide you with the part no. Hi, Few days ago we had problem with ic I guess system were down,display shows FF and controller tab on machine display was grey. We manage to install new system on the controller over network cable after problem with one laptop because it get some error efi fiery x3ety2 65-55c-km ps 2.0 tftp aplication. When we try other laptop everything pass ok and we put controller back to machine to finish instalation procedure. In controller service manual i see that is posibility to install system from usb flash drive but i dont understand how to make flash bootable.

With machine and controller we get few CD ,one of them is system softvare, one from we installed system but i can not find anywhere Usb flash installer which is required for instalation system on the usb flash drive.


Any help on this? The system will be installed on the USB Stick. After this you can start your Fiery with the connected USB Stick and the system will be installed to the Fiery controller. Part numbers in the Parts Manual are correct. Solution Please refer the attached documentation if the customer requests accurate image registration between efi fiery x3ety2 65-55c-km ps 2.0 side and 2nd side using PFor LU It describes paper skew, trailing edge timing, centering error, vertical magnification and horizontal magnification adjustment procedure.

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  • Xerox Color // Printer with integrated Fiery Color Server Drivers & Downloads
  • Fiery X3eTY2 65C-KM (IC) System Software Installer DVD Needed [Archive] -
  • Xerox Color 550/560/570 Printer with integrated Fiery Color Server Support & Drivers
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If the customer uses the PFor LU, and requests accurate image registration between 1st side and 2nd side, please perform following: 1. PF side guides fine adjustment correct 1st side skew.

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LU side guides fine adjustment correct 1st side skew. Enable [Side 2 lens adjustment mode].

Image position efi fiery x3ety2 65-55c-km ps 2.0 -method to adjust the trailing edge, centering error, vertical zoom and horizontal zoom using the [Chart adjustment]. Use the information in the attached documentation concerning 1st side, 2nd side registration and image position. This is a new feature of version 30 firmware.Download the latest versions of EFI software and tools below, including: Free software Fiery Products Fiery Command WorkStation · Fiery Drivers and Utilities. However it also came with an embedded Fiery X3eTY that we have no use for.

which came with an external Ikon Fiery PRO80 C-KM rip attached to it. I was able to print out the Fiery PS & PCL test pages along with the Konica Minolta's equivalent Fiery system software (IC v).

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