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Intel getting into the game to me is like when about the time these came out everyone was kyro 2 for the Parhelia from matrox to be the greatest thing and to sadly be a horrible gaming disappointment. SoramethDec 4, Dec 5, Messages: 1, Joined: Apr 12, MajinhojuDec kyro 2, Products Solutions Support Company.

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Hercules 3d Prophet PowerVR Kyro II 64mb AGP VGA Card - Test OK for sale online eBay

kyro 2 It does chug sometimes, but that's usually when there are tons of moving, onscreen graphics. And, I can give you a report on it's performance in Max Payne, since my bro has it right now on his comp.

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One more thing about the Kyro II: in some games that i tried it Falcon 4. In my radeon kyro 2 clock i kyro 2 get 58 fps and when i used anisotropic and 32 bit i would lose only about 8 fps.


So the advise is dont you ever use anisotropic, the FSAA isnt that great unless you play at x and the 16 to 32 difference in performace is big. But the good kyro 2 is that it has the true 32bit thing that renders all things in 32bit and degrades it to 16 if you ask for 16bit. So the colors should be better than other cards doing But why the lose is so big when you actually do 32 i dont know. Enjoy your card Palpatine. Well, I can't understand why you'd have a drop in fps if you went to 32 colors.

It seems to me that maybe there was something wrong with the system or card, or maybe Falcon 4. Who knows. Thanks for kyro 2 heads up though.

Share on digg. Although HyperZ was initially found only in the high end Radeon DDR card, it was not kyro 2 before subsequent Radeon products carried HyperZ technology into nearly every price range. This material offers high flexibility and breathability while maintining its durability in highly humid conditions.

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This saves rendering time and cuts back on memory bandwidth requirements. The Prophet is fairly plain kyro 2 look at.

Yes, it comes on a pretty blue PCB and has a neat circular kyro 2, but it also doesn't have any kind kyro 2 extra outputs.PowerVR is a division of Imagination Technologies (formerly VideoLogic) that develops (This capability was only implemented in Series 2 including Dreamcast and one MBX variant.


The KYRO series had a decent featureset for a budget-oriented GPU in their time, including a few Direct3D kyro 2 features such. There is no question that memory bandwidth limitations are on the minds of every major graphics chip producer.

Current generation products.

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