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There is no easy way to add custom sources, but the sources. This worked fine; I added some custom sources to install a few KDE themes without any problems. The liveCD also comes with a really cool USB travel disk feature, if you format mepis please fix USB disk using the system centre it creates two partitions, a fat32 for exchanging files with windows and an ext3 partition that lets you sync your files across two computers.


The Mepis website contains a full explanation. The mepis please fix section of the Mepis website is extremely good, with most posts responded to quickly and with useful advice.

Distribution Release: SimplyMEPIS ( News)

The main developer of Mepis also seems very responsive to questions mepis please fix suggestions. Overall Mepis is an excellent distro, it lacks polish in some areas but shows real potential. Goodbye PCs, it's been nice knowing you. Hello, desktop as a service.


We'll still have PCs on our desks, but with the rise of desktop-as-a-service and software-as-a-service, we're returning to smart-terminals and time-sharing services. The cloud computing race in will have a definite multi-cloud spin. Here's a look at how the cloud leaders stack up, the hybrid market, and the SaaS players that run your company Set the following additional mount options for mepis please fix Windows FAT partition. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. For example The disk mepis please fix is something about which the average user does not need to be much concerned. The default disk filesystem used by MEPIS Linux is called ext3a version of the ext2 filesystem that is journaled —i.

The filesystem ext3 is set during installation when your your hard drive is formatted. By and large, ext3 has more years on its track record than any of its rivals, and combines stability and speed; for these reasons, we do not recommend installing MEPIS onto a different disk filesystem unless you are well-educated in the differences. However, MEPIS can read and write to many other formatted disk filesystems, and may even be installed on some of them, if for some reason one of them is preferred over ext3. A journaling file system called ext4 is being developed as the successor to ext3 and is also available.

NOTE: if you are dual or multi-booting different operating systems on the same computer, see Section 9.

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  • Mepis Linux: Despite Lack of Polish, a Worthwhile Distro
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MEPIS is an account-based operating system. This means that no program can run without a user account to mepis please fix under, and any running program is thereby limited by the permissions granted to the user who started it.

MEPIS 11.0.12 Users Manual

The root user has a unique password that is set during system installation. When you run programs such as Synaptic or MEPIS Mepis please fix Assistants that need to access or change protected operating system files and directories, you will be prompted for the root password.

NOTE: Much of the security and stability that Linux is known for hinges mepis please fix the proper use of limited user accounts, and the protection provided by default file and directory permissions. For this reason, you should operate as root only for a procedure that requires it.

The default file permissions structure in Linux is fairly simple, but more than adequate for most situations. The permissions are:.

Every file and folder acquires a single user designated as its owner when it is created on the system. Note that if you move a mepis please fix from another partition where it has a different owner, it will keep the original owner; but if you copy and paste it, it will be assigned to you. It also has a single group designated as its group, by default the group to which the owner belongs.

The permissions you grant to others affect everyone who isn't the owner or in the owning group. For more information, see Links and Guides for Section To view or change a file's permissions in KDE, right-click the file and select Properties. Click the Permissions tab. Here you can set the permissions granted to the owner, group, and others using the pull-down menus. For some files like scriptsfor instanceyou need to check the box to make them executable, and for folders you can check a box to limit the deletion of files inside it to the owners.If you use MEPIS Linux, please consider paying for your copy by contributing or and the developers upon whom MEPIS Linux relies work hard to correct them.

MEPIS PLEASE FIX DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Basic permissions are represented mepis please fix r read, w write and x execute. Select both the Icon and Preview buttons in the .

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