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Does rockey4nd have the plugin for OllyDbg or ida? Last edited by Git : at PM. Feitian Rockey4nd.

Sopy HID. Pls need help.

I m asking for how to unprotect data without using emulator.? Rockey Dongles. Software Licensing. Feitian Smart Cards. Only recompiling the code can implement the migration. Rockey5 Time Get Latest Price. ROCKEY5 TIME is a smart card dongle whichprovides a highly secure full-featured rockey4nd protection solution for software developers over a number of operating plat forms.


It is ahigh-speed driverless Human Interface Device HIDequipped with built-in real time clockwhich functions independently of the mainsystem clock. The Remote update system can update dongle in a secure way and rockey4nd the need rockey4nd manufacturers to retrieve the dongle. Through these features software developers can easily employ various sales patterns like lease, trial and sale on application features in an absolute pirate-free way. Go back.

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Launching Xcode Rockey dongle. If a rockey4nd or any other peripheral device is attached to the parallel port ROCKEY4you should turn the power of that device on.

GitHub - Xyl2k/DongleMe: Feitian Rockey4ND testing

What you need to do is to change the parallel modes, eg. The parallel port is not designed to connect many devices at the same time, and in theory only rockey4nd device can be attached to the parallel port at any one time.


Unplug the device to see if rockey4nd is a compatibility problem. ROCKEY4 will treat the card as a sort of hack attack and therefore refuse to communicate with it or the card does not supply enough power to the dongle for it to operate efficiently. Sometimes, the PC drivers may be conflicted or it may be conflict with any of the programs although this is highly rare.


Solution: Restart the PC and run the program again. If it still cannot run, try starting rockey4nd the PC with minimal drivers and programs and check to see if it can run. If it can, this means that it is a software conflict. To rectify this situation, you can add a loop to your program when checking for the dongle. This will ensure that the program will check for the dongle more than once and be able to recognize it properly.

Feitian ROCKEY4ND / NetROCKEY4ND Dongle Dumper Instructions

Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop We are in no way associated with rockey4nd other websites or emails. Be careful!!!


Do not fall rockey4nd the bait scams.ROCKEY4ND is an advanced software application protection system that attaches to the USB rockey4nd of a computer. It is in truth an effective mini computer system.

product after evaluation, a dongle with a unique password will be provided for security rockey4nd. □ To install ROCKEY4ND SDK, run rockey4nd the kit.

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