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You may know them more so for their wireless Site Survey application they developed, but they are actually an RTLS company at their core. Ekahau started as an Ekahau atheros company and their engineers found that they needed to have a way to verify ekahau atheros calibrate a network for RTLS so their wireless Site Survey application was born.

It supports Your list ekahau atheros pretty much what everyone uses except I would switch Wireshark for Omnipeek, which is much easier to work with. A lot is built in. PC Gaming.

Wireless networking - No WPA2 option in Windows XP SP3 - Super User

Computer Peripherals. External supported adapter and integrated Wi-Fi adapter required for Hybrid Site Surveys Fully supported Atheros based adapter is required for passive Tag Ekahau atheros 6. Initial Maintenance Cycle 6.

Press Buttons 6. Tag Programming 6. Estimating Tag Battery Life 6.

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Tag Configurations 6. Recommended Configurations 6. Tag Scan Counts 6.


ekahau atheros Test Tag Configurations 33 33 34 34 35 35 Page 4 of 35 1. The EPE is designed to be used as a stand-alone For those interested in leveraging our positioning engine as an enabling technology, we also provide a Java SDK and published guidelines for integration to 3 rd -party applications via our API. In this way, the Ekahau RTLS provides a complete, enterprise-wide solution for adding location awareness to a customer's existing wireless network.


The Ekahau RTLS is easily deployed ekahau atheros our Site Survey process and requires no additional proprietary hardware to effectively, and consistently, deliver vital asset location coordinates x,y, map, and zone to business owners, enabling both real-time tracking and location history data storage for trending and reporting. Finally, business rules can be easily created in the Ekahau RTLS for a variety of purposes, including zone-based alerts, low-battery alerts, and button-press events.

Ekahau NICUSB Or Any Other Wi-Fi Adapter Not Detected – Ekahau Customer Support

No additional proprietary infrastructure required. Totally software based.

Very easy to implement and manage when following recommended best practices. Our tags can be programmed with over 30 available parameters to suit a variety of needs, and have buttons to ekahau atheros for a wide array of functionality.

Network Adapters - Ekahau - Atheros Wireless Network Adapter Drivers Download

Solution Components 1. The Ekahau Site Survey is a complete wi-fi planning, survey, analysis and reporting application. Data gathered via the Ekahau Site Survey can then ekahau atheros uploaded into the positioning engine to add "location awareness" to a customer's wireless network. The Supported Adapters Presented here is a partial list of the ekahau atheros adapters that are supported by VisiWave Site Survey. Some vendors are very integrated with interfaces, others require other firmware and configurations at the command line. By RenzoNotter - edited: February 10, February 10, You can do active surveys with the internal Wi-Fi adapter, but we recommend using the Mac version in conjunction with Ekahau Sidekick.

ekahau atheros Regular Price: AED 12, A maintenance release of VisiWave v4. AP name detection. Because of this tag settings must be determined carefully. Motion frequency and duration are difficult to estimate and can cause rapid depletion of tag batteries.

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Tag Configurations Based on various use cases and acceptance testing, determine the ideal settings for tags based on accuracy- and battery-life requirements.Ekahau NICUSB driver not installed or not up to date. Having the Ekahau User Protocol installed is mandatory to be able to use Ekahau NICUSB or any other ekahau atheros with Ekahau Site Survey.

Now after these steps Ekahau Site Survey should be able detect Ekahau NICUSB. It has two high-speed Wi-Fi network adapters that allows you scan both Ghz and ekahau atheros bands at the same time. Otherwise, Ekahau Pro supports most common Wi-Fi network adapters for conducting surveys regardless the card type. An external Wi-Fi adapter (such as Ekahau atheros.

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