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Pressing any of these buttons takes you to channel view, which uses all eight channels to display and edit the chosen parameter of the currently selected track. For example, pressing the Select button for a particular track and then pressing the EQ channel-view selector brings up all the EQ parameters for an EQ digi 002 assigned to that track. Those parameters, such as frequency or Q, are displayed in the scribble strips and can be adjusted using the rotary knob beneath it.


Page buttons allow you to scroll across digi 002 pages of parameters for a given plug-in. Pressing the Dynamics button will automatically bring up any dynamics-processing plug-ins assigned to a channel.

Digidesign Digi 002 Digital Recording Interface

Other types of plug-ins, such as delays or amplifier simulators, can also be edited by pressing the Insert digi 002 button and selecting the name of the plug-in from the display windows. Pre- and postroll selection buttons would have been nice here, as well. There are also buttons to show or hide the Mix, Edit, and current plug-in windows, which is great for systems with small screens. Above the transport are the navigation controls, which consist of a big, friendly set of arrow keys inlaid in a large circle. Above the circle are buttons for the three navigation modes: Bank, Nudge, and Zoom. Video of the Day. Beginning users will find all they need to begin creating audio masterworks, and pros will discover a valuable quick reference to their tool of choice. Internationally acclaimed songwriter, musician, and producer Steven Roback has recorded more than a dozen albums since with his bands and as a solo artist.

As co-founder of the influential Los Angeles band Rain Parade, Steven helped create an impressive catalog of neo-psychedelic songs that critics have called among the most important from any era.

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It might well be useful to have the freedom, especially during early stages of a project, of as many audio tracks as your computer can deliver. Digi 002 course, surround is supported by the full professional version of Pro Tools that comes with TDM systems. Aside from the standard Digi plug-ins mentioned above, comes with extra plug-ins you'd normally have to buy separately. A set of third-party plug-ins is headed up by Waves' Renaissance EQ in two- four- and six-band variationsRenaissance Compressor, and Renaissance Reverberator.

Digi Product Information

These Waves devices are great, with the reverb especially being most welcome. Native Instruments digi 002 the excellent, authentic Pro 52 digi 002 analogue synth. If you want more, there are upgrade paths for all the supplied plug-ins, in some cases to full third-party bundles such as the Waves Gold bundle of audio tools.

The only one we were a little disappointed with was Sampletank SE, which sounds good but is limited. Still, it provides a handful of useful drum kits and other instruments. Switching the into stand-alone mode turns it into an assignable desk with a useful feature set. Each of the eight inputs is equipped with a fader, pan pot, mute and solo buttons, onboard three-band EQ with swept mida send each to the built-in reverb and delay effects processors, two further sends routed to outputs 7 and 8 for digi 002 effects or basic submixing for alternative headphone mixes, for exampleand an onboard compressor for each of the four mic-amp-equipped inputs. Should you use the two extra sends for effects processing, returns would occupy digi 002 of the eight inputs.

A digi 002 snapshot memory digi 002 24 slots for storing stand-alone settings, but these cannot be accessed via MIDI. They're really only for saving particular setups, for manual recall, and can't be chained to produce an automated mix.


The onboard effects are basic but good quality; the delay maxes out digi 002 ms, and the reverb is limited to three basic algorithms and a compact parameter set. Compressors offer control over ratio, attack and release, with soft- and hard-knee options, and they work rather well. We wish they could be used within Pro Digi 002 Although it's a pity that the ADAT inputs cannot be used alongside the analogue inputs in stand-alone mode it's one or the other in this modethe ADAT outs can be used. Any audio routed through the inputs can be automatically passed to the ADAT output, on a track-to-track basis, pre-fader and pre-effects. Ideal for producers, engineers, songwriters and artists. The Second Edition is fully updated for the new features of Pro Tools 6. Contrary to popular opinion, you actually can still lock Pro Tools LEto timecode. A goodoutboard synchronizer will let the get its address location fromMTC and its clock from the synchronizer.

This version of Pro Tools LE is quite solid.

The comes with a complete collection of RTAS format plug-ins. Every week, he records dozens of custom-client CDs using Pro Tools. Simon Price reviewed version 6 of Pro Tools in both its full and LE incarnations digi 002 the SOS May issue, so there is little point in revisiting that ground in too much detail here. Usefully, version 6 now allows up to audio tracks to be opened in an LE session, using a voicing system for selecting which 32 tracks are actually audible.Digidesign Digi Photo: Mark EwingWhen the Digi recording system was launched inDigidesign had a considerable success on their hands.

If you fancied the well-specified, Firewire-based I/O of Digidesign's Digi but didn't need its control surface functions, you now have a cheaper alternative in.

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