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But what does that term actually refer to? Generally speaking, the lower the compression rating the easier the ball compresses.

Tips from Travis: Stenson's ball-striking

Until solid core balls drove the wound golf ball into virtual extinction in the late 90s, compression compressing the golf ball with was a big deal to golfers. A low compression golf ball compression rating of 70 or 80 for a wound ball was regarded as an indicator that ball was a "ladies ball. Hitting a duff or fat shot can be a golfer's worst nightmare, so how do we avoid that horrible contact?

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Here's simple drill for better ball striking One type of golf ball available is a low compression golf ball. As with any golf ball on the market, low compression golf balls have both pros and cons for players.

The pros of using low compression golf balls are the longer distance which is achievable and the compressing the golf ball with rate of spin. Some soft compression golf balls also offer more feel and that means more control when playing short shots around the green.


However, there are some cons when using low compression golf balls. Before we take a look at the pros and cons of low compression golf balls in more detail, we first compressing the golf ball with to take a look at exactly what a low compression golf ball is and how it differs from other golf balls. Golf ball compression is basically the density in the golf ball and this density has an impact on the flight and loft of the ball. The density is measured by the tightness of the threads inside the compressing the golf ball with ball and the more loosely the threads are wound, the lower the compression of the golf ball. A golf ball is compressed when hit by the club.


Golf balls come with a rating and anything rated 80 or below is considered a low compression golf ball but what types of low compression golf balls are available to purchase? Many of the low compression golf balls you will find for sale in stores or online compressing the golf ball with come with a two-piece construction. Learn how to create and store energy, so when it's time to hit the shot, you can go hard and really attack the ball. Let me show you how. List of High-Compression Golf Balls. To really compress it and peel off a nice, long divot, the right wrist has to remain bent to the low point compressing the golf ball with the swing. If the wrist is straight or bowed at impact, then the clubhead is going to come up off the ground immediately after impact, if not before.

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Make sure you are turning back and through just as you do with woods! Mid Irons : The ball should be in the front-middle part compressing the golf ball with your stance. Long irons or hybrids : Longer irons and hybrids should be in between your logo and buttons of your shirt. You want to maintain the same head position throughout the swing.

Drill 1: Fence Post Drill at home or on the range This is a simple drill to help you feel your head in the same position throughout your swing. At home, stand in front of your mirror and cross your arms over your chest.

Better Iron Play: Compressed Iron Shots - The Left Rough

Without a club, practice turning your shoulders back and through while looking at yourself in the mirror. Grip the golf club at the bottom compressing the golf ball with the shaft with the club face close to your belly and the grip out in front of you where the club face would normally be. Holding the club this way, take your normal golf swing be aggressive. This is your point of peak acceleration.

Golf Ball Compression

I have found that for golfers that flip the wrists, the swoosh sound is heard as the club passes the back leg, before they would normally hit the ball. Jack's does because he has a narrower spin loft gap and thus compressing the golf ball with the ball more than Bob. What spin loft would create the maximum compression?

compressing the golf ball with I have found that a spin loft of 11 is very good for a driver. There are two ways we can compress the ball better - deloft the face angle more at impact without hitting down any more or hit down less without increasing the the loft of the face during impact. A 90 or higher compression is a hard ball used for low handicap golfers.

The golfer must hit the ball harder to get distance, but the high compression ball offers better control. Hitting a ball with a certain level golf seed corresponds to the compression number itself.Ever watched a Tour pro up close on the range? His iron shots don't compressing the golf ball with soar — they sizzle. That's not just because he hits the sweet spot with. One of the most important aspects of great ball striking is compressing the golf ball. Now, we've all heard that statement and we know the feel of.

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