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Oversized orders that require delivery by truck do not qualify. The mouse did not come with a USB connector end.

How disgusting! Get this crap out of our line of sight, we don't want to see this. If you're going here, make sure that you know what you're looking for because 1 no one here compusa wireless mouse help you in the way I'm sure you'd like to be helped, 2 things are somewhat disheveled, and 3 you'll probably feel claustrophobic in this poorly designed space.

It is certainly a major convenience to those of you who are working in the FiDi or Union Square area, but you'll probably have a better experience at least atmospherically if you go to the CompUSA in South Compusa wireless mouse or even Best Buy over by Potrero. I was filled with an odd sort of glee upon reading that everyone else hates this CompUSA too. Today was one of those days.

Serial Mouse SKU for Comp USA for sale online eBay

I always dread going here and today was no different, but until I read these reviews I always assumed that tech-y people one of which I am definitely not liked to come here. First off, I'm driving my boss' car, and am instructed to park in the public garage at the Four Seasons across the street. Either I'm really dim or that garage is a mess, because this was my fourth or fifth time there and I still couldn't figure out a way to exit on Market Street. So, I end up going all the way around, past Beard Papas and I'm on a perpetual diet so I can't even stop in Especially that little walkway back to the elevator of the garage I always feel creeped out because it's so isolated. So, CompUSA has this huge upstairs area when you walk in, it's the biggest waste of space ever, and the three people just kind of looked at me as I walked in and over to the elevator.

I hope they're not getting paid very much because they are not helpful. Downstairs is even worse; devoid of windows and salespeople to help me find what I compusa wireless mouse, I wander for what seems like forever before the salesperson I'm stalking finally finishes with the person before me and brings me to the overpriced item on my list.

Serial Mouse SKU 228282 for Comp USA

This place takes itself so seriously and it sucks going here. Parts inside could be damaged causing higher current draw.

Simply that you have just got a bad batch of batteries, or the internal components of the batteries that you use have changed to make it compusa wireless mouse to make them and they are no longer as good as they used to be. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I found all the good stuff hidden in the back.

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Messages: 1, Joined: Dec 14, Thats a steal. The thing was brand new!

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All the other deals suck. Click here to See important Oklahoma sales tax information regarding the tax you may owe directly to the state of Oklahoma.


But i can't, for the life compusa wireless mouse me, find a decent mouse that is wired these days! The logitech MX Revolution i think it was seemed to be the go but it was wireless and pricey. My other needs were at least two thumb buttons why go backwards after having a Explorer 3. Question Headphones popping randomly. Jul 11, Question Microphone phantom power.

In my mind the compusa wireless mouse thing about it watching my partners try to navigate their hotmail inboxes during presentation with it. Share twitter facebook linkedin A thought A sensor with a focus of more than 2mm that could make it work like a normal mouse, but in the air Is this possible or would some sort of auto focus introduce to much lag to make it usable for normal circumstances not gaming. Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:A thought Score: 2 by screwballicus writes: would it be possible to make an optical mouse that didn't need any surface.

Me, I demand to be made able to use the NES light gun for powerpoint presentations.


Score: 2 by Cytlid writes John Kerry!Results 1 - 10 of Microsoft M7J Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Advanced Encryption Standard, Windows Taskbar, Windows Start. CompUSA has a mouse compusa wireless mouse is similar to the Logitech MX for $ The package says that it is dpi resolution and it has a charging cradle. Has.

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