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When the sun hits it during the day it will shine like real metal and at night the overhead goosenecks will really bring out the metal finish and texture.

While Peter is painting the multicam 3000 enroute Holin is in the paint booth painting the letters. The latex base coat of the wood frame goes down then two or three coats of darker glaze.

You then click on the first part to nest and enter the number multicam 3000 enroute copies of that part needed multicam 3000 enroute click "OK. See the photo to the right of the parts in EnRoute. The arrangement of parts was done by the nesting feature. In order to toolpath your drawing the lines must be merged. This tells EnRoute that the line is a continuous cut. You can simply select every object on the screen, right click and select "Merge Selection.

In other words, this makes the lines into geometry multicam 3000 enroute the eyes of the software. Circles will be identified as separate objects. The software will think they are raised islands until you tell it otherwise. Select everything again.

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As part of the routing package we also opted for EnRoute Pro software. From my research I found it was able to do the most while offering the easiest learning curve. From what I could see the software would have no limits going forward. We selected the MultiCam with all servo drives. It has an 11 HP motor and a six station linear tool changer less moving parts than a rotary one. multicam 3000 enroute

It came equipped with a vacuum table. While other manufacturers could have built me a similar machine it would be all custom.


Then I used the dome relief tool set at 90 degrees to form the head, armslegs and feet. The body was also done with the dome relief tool but set at only 75 degrees. I tried 90 degrees but it made it too tall. He was looking like half a man multicam 3000 enroute with just a few clicks. The stiffness was multicam 3000 enroute for a suit of armor. I created a zero height relief and used the merge lowest tool to clip the bottom of the spheres I had created for his feet. This made them flat in an instant. Then I created an offset around each piece and combined the vectors. I used this shape to create a zero height relief and merged the body shape to it.

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Then I duplicated multicam 3000 enroute body and flipped it to form the back side of the figure. This was fit inside a 2. Then it was time to tool path the piece and send it to the router. Since it was going to only be a form over which I would sculpt the figure I didn't need detail or smoothness. Speed was more important than finish. In less time than it took me to write this post I had created the files, routed and glued up the basic form for the knight. This is the beauty of EnRoute software and my MultiCam. Multicam 3000 enroute did the hard work once more, leaving me time to do the fun and fancy stuff. You have to love that! Tomorrow afternoon we'll put some armor on this dude.

CNC Knife-cutting MultiCam Canada

Stay tuned Saturday, March 26, Truckin! Follow us on All times are GMT The time now is AM.

All CNCzone. Our old 4' x 8' MultiCam series proved to be perfect for our needs in the last five years. Multicam 3000 enroute don't want to change a lot but only wanted to add the fourth axis to the mix.


Sadly, it was not a viable option on the old machine.The MultiCam® Multicam 3000 enroute CNC Routers are loaded with standard features normally associated with more expensive machines. The automatic tool change. It's one I often hear from people looking to purchase a new router. Why did I choose MultiCam and EnRoute Pro software? Seven years ago.

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