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Latest Stories. May I do have some questions regarding the scripts. I haven't really worked under the hood of eee multitouch linux machine since I realize that my 15 year old optiplex was not going to suffice as a media server for. I've no doubt you could - there are plenty of instructions on the web for installing, say, Debian on an eeePC.


Re: Score: 2 by ddrichardson writes: What would be the point in that" button. This feature always remains simple - I can't see why eee multitouch would have a problem with it. What firewall are you using? Standard, home router firewalls are really easy to configure, and so is the Windows firewall, for that matter.

On Linux, it's simple with an iptables-based firewall see netfilter eee multitouch.

There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. A pinching motion eee multitouch you zoom in on images, stretching lets you zoom out, and a two-finger vertical stroking motion allows you to scroll up and down through documents.

MacBook Air eee multitouch iPod touch users have enjoyed this feature for some time, but it's the first we've ever seen it implemented on a Windows laptop. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted.

More Login. Latest in Computers. Using two fingers, a person can zoom in and out of documents and photos, scroll up or eee multitouch, and more, according to an Asustek representative.

Some of our stories include affiliate links. Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu eee multitouch and developers. Featured on Meta. Feel free to head over to our related thread and put your words to our virtual paper!

It's really difficult to claim anything can be faster than keyboard, as by the time most people finish wiggling their mouse to the target the keystrokes are overwith. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re: Score: eee multitouchInsightful by Facegarden writes: Ehh, unless you're doing lots of web browsing, which is mostly scrolling and clicking. I know you can use the arrow keys and such, but really, that just sucks. I use keyboard shortcuts left and right, and i use the keyboard more than most us nerds not included but some things are better left to other input devices.

ASUS swivel multi-touch Eee PC TMT confirmed

Or you could just use a CLI browser to minimize the use of the rodent. While I agree with the general point - I don't think you've used many USB TV tuners under Linux and also the article writer hasn't mentioned the nature of most Windows drivers either. They are enormously popular in the UK at least but many of the most popular read cheap tuners are a pain in the arse to get to run under Linux, locating firmware, decent TV software and so on. I wouldn't eee multitouch this is the fault of Linux in general, because many of these devices have terrible drivers eee multitouch try getting some of the.

ASUS Eee PC 701 gets Multitouch Windows 7 mod

They are enormously popular in the UK at least but many of the most popular read cheap tuners are a pain in the arse to get to run under Linux, locating firmware. Ive used a standard usb-Dell one and a crappy one internal one, perhaps they weren't completely cheap tho, it might of required installing some drivers, but I doubt it as id only been using Linux for a few months when I eee multitouch tried it. I dont think any other OS is capable of recording multiple channels off one tuner either, but things may have changed s.Greetings Wizards, I recently offed my Windows 7 install on my Eee PC Supposedly supports multi-touch for my synaptic touchpad, but.

This wiki might be of some help: Synaptics Touchpad. Here is one more wiki, it has specific guidelines for EEE PC: Eee multitouch community.

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