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Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an image forming apparatus, such as an electrophotographic digital printer or copying machine. These Steps S and S are repeated by the minolta s223 of inputted telephone numbers.


A plurality of objects may be extracted. Find out more on how we use cookies and how you can change your settings. The developed image is minolta s223 by a transfer charger 46 to a paper wound on a transfer drum In view of this, a machine has been proposed which is provided with a pulse encoder generating the pulse corresponding to the rotation of the transport roller. However, though such density control can make the maximum density constant, it s a problem that the gamma characteristic changes largely when the surface potential V o and the development bias potential V B are changed by keeping minolta s223 difference between the surface potential V o and the development bias potential V B constant.

According to the present invention described above, the two documents are accurately and serially placed at the specific minolta s223 on the platen. Besides, a conventional ADF can be applied to the present invention, thus ensuring the practical applicability.

Consequently, the ADF of the minolta s223 invention offers the following advantages: When the ADF according to the present invention is used in conjunction with duplex copying function, four documents are copied using both sides of one copy sheet. Additionally, when the ADF of the present invention is used in conjunction with the page composition copying, wherein two pages of an open book are separately copied, the documents to be copied on both sides of one copy sheet are positively left on the platen until the completion of duplex copying.

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Accordingly, time and labor required for copying is substantially reduced, and document re-setting is not necessary even when copy sheet jamming occurs upon copying on the opposite side of copy sheet, thus allowing more flexible operation. Additionally, to realize the above objects an automatic document feeder according to the present invention is capable of serially placing a pair of original document, fed from document feeding means, at a specified position on a platen in the document feeding direction, and discharging the documents from the platen after the completion of exposure, wherein said automatic document feeder comprises; a transport belt for transporting documents along the platen and a discharge roller for discharging documents, discharged from the platen, onto a discharge tray; wherein the transport velocity of the discharge roller is set greater than that of the transport belt.

Further, an automatic document feeder according to the present invention comprises said transport belt, said discharge roller, detect means for detecting whether a document has reached the discharge roller, and control means that interrupts the discharging operation with the transport belt when the detect means has detected the leading edge of a first minolta s223, and that re-starts the minolta s223 operation when the detect means has detected the trailing edge of the first document. Further, an automatic document feeder according to the present invention comprises said transport belt, said discharge roller, said detect means, and control means that interrupts the discharging operation with the transport belt when the detect means has detected the leading edge of a first document, and that re-starts the discharging operation when a predetermined duration has elapsed.

According to the present invention described above, two documents in a pair are discharged from the platen with a proper interval. Therefore, the leading edge of the second document does not push the trailing edge of the first document, effectively preventing the disturbance to alignment or order of the documents stacked on the discharge minolta s223. These and other objects and features of the present invention will become apparent from the following description taken in conjunction with the preferred embodiments thereof with the reference of the accompanying drawings, in which:.


The preferred this embodiment of an ADF according to the invention are hereunder described referring to the attached drawings. Such an ADF is mounted on minolta s223 electro-photographic copying machine 1.

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First, the constitution of the copying machine 1 is hereunder described. As illustrated in FIG.


In the approximate middle of the copying machine 1 is disposed a photosensitive drum 10 rotatable in the direction of an arrow a at a predetermined peripheral velocity V. Around the photosensitive drum 10 are sequentially disposed a main eraser 11, an electrifying charger 12, a suberaser 13, a magnetic brush-type developing unit 14, a transfer charger 15, a sheet separation charger 16 and a blade-type cleaning unit During each copying operation, while rotating in the direction of the arrow a, the photosensitive drum 10, having a well-known photosensitive layer on the surface thereof, is neutralized and electrified by the main eraser 11 and the electrifying charger 12, has its unnecessary portions then minolta s223 by the suberaser 13, and is further subjected to imagewise exposing from an optical system 20 to form an electrostatic latent image.

The electrostatic latent image becomes a toner image using the developing unit The optical system 20 capable of scanning an original image is disposed under a platen glass 19 and comprises an exposure lamp 21, a first mirror 22, a second mirror 23, a third mirror 24, an image-projecting lens 25, and a fourth mirror In modifying a copying magnification, the lens 25 moves along the optical axis, accompanying the movement and oscillation of the fourth mirror 26 so as to correct the optical path. When the lens is mounted on the body and an initialization operation of the body side is completed, the lens side transmits to the body side a signal for informing the body side that a communication depending on the lens can be performed.

If the 2-in-1 copy mode has not been set the result of the inquiry in step S is NOthe document control routine in step S and the document size detecting routine in step S are executed. Step S minolta s223 the step wherein processes other than the ADF control operation are executed as in a batch.

Details minolta s223 the 2-in-1 document control routines and the 2-in-1 document size detecting routines are described hereinafter with reference to the accompanying time charts and flow charts. In addition, FIG. The state counter value is reset to 0 zero at initialization. In step S and steps subsequent thereto, processing is switched and executed in accordance with the registered state minolta s223 value.

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Each process of the state counter is described below. The transport belt motor M2 and document feed motor M3 are switched step Sthe state counter is set at minolta s223 step Minolta s223and the program returns to the ADF control routine.MINOLTA S DRIVER DOWNLOAD - A lens mountable to a camera body, said lens comprising: EQU2 wherein d denotes the pitch in the subscan direction.

MINOLTA S DRIVER - Communication minolta s223 51 can also wirelessly communicate with communication unit of operation panel as described later. Field of the.


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