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Scanning connect information.

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Connect info not found, generating default. DLL loaded. SOLID version After creating your own database and tables, you have to change the. There may also be different chapters for different operating systems. Syntax notation conventions soliddb documentation uses the ibm soliddb odbc syntax notation conventions: Table 2. Replaceable sections are on this font.

This font indicates file names and path expressions. A vertical bar separates two mutually exclusive choices in a syntax line. An ellipsis indicates that arguments can be repeated several times A column of three dots indicates continuation of previous lines of ibm soliddb odbc. These interfaces enable applications to establish multiple database connections simultaneously and to process multiple SQL statements simultaneously. For differences between the ODBC standard and the soliddb implementation, refer ibm soliddb odbc the appropriate topic in this manual.

For details about the Unicode version, see 3, Using Unicode, on page When the ibm soliddb odbc performs a commit or rollback operation, the driver resets ibm soliddb odbc statement requests associated with the connection. The application allocates memory and creates handles, and establishes a connection to the database. The application allocates memory for an environment handle henv and a connection handle hdbc ; both are required to establish a database connection.


An application may request multiple connections for one or more data sources. Each connection is considered a separate transaction space.

The SQLConnect call establishes the database connection, specifying the server name a connect string or a data ibm soliddb odbc nameuser id, and password. The application then allocates memory for a statement handle. The application executes the statement.

IBM soliddb IBM soliddb Universal Cache Version 6.3. Programmer Guide SC

This requires a series of ibm soliddb odbc calls. If the statement was a SELECT, the result columns must be bound to variables in the application so that the application can see the returned data.


The rows can then be fetched using SQLFetch repeatedly. Finally the application closes the connection and frees any handles. The application ibm soliddb odbc the statement handle.

IBM soliddb IBM soliddb Universal Cache Version Programmer Guide SC - PDF

The application closes the connection. The application frees the connection and environment handles hdbc and henv. Note that step 2 executing SQL statements may be done repeatedly, depending upon how many SQL statements need to be executed. Format of the connect string Connect strings used in ODBC applications follow a common format shown here. The same format applies also to listen parameters in ibm soliddb odbc configuration file solid. Connect String Options Option Meaning ibm soliddb odbc Data compression is enabled for this connection -c milliseconds Login timeout is specified the default is operating-system-specific. A login request fails after the specified time has elapsed. Note: applies only for the TCP protocol.

IBM soliddb IBM soliddb Universal Cache Version 6.3. Programmer Guide SC

It seems that soliddb Unicode driver does not work when connecting from WMB. Select Modify.


Type the data value Using a soliddb Connect String The soliddb connect string consists of a communication protocol, a possible set of special options, an optional host computer name and a server name. By this combination, the client specifies the server it will establish a connection to. The communication protocol and the server name must match the ibm soliddb odbc that the server is using in its network listening name. In addition, most protocols need a specified host computer name if the client and server are running on different machines. All components of the client's network name are case insensitive. For more information, see thesoliddb High Availability User Guide.

The same format of the connect string ibm soliddb odbc to both the connect configuration parameters in the solid.

Note: applies for the TCP protocol only. Note: applies for the TCP protocol only.The standard ODBC Data Source Administrator only shows bit drivers. Run ibm soliddb odbc bit version from "%windir%\SysWOW64\odbcadexe" to. solidDB ODBC Driver, solidDB Light Client, and solidDB JDBC Driver ibm soliddb odbc your client application access solidDB. v The solidDB ODBC Driver conforms to the.

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